Cleaners, The

| 10 x 60

Blood, brains and broken bones—when the horror movie ends, that’s what the monsters, maniacs and masked murderers leave behind. To keep the world sane, someone’s got to clean up their messes. Literally. For the past decade, crime scene cleaner Rob Travers has worked for the mysterious Carreau Corporation, part of a crew keeping the supernatural cloaked in shadows. But Rob’s got secrets of his own. Ten years ago, he sold his soul to a Satanic cult—and lost his wife in the deal. Tormented by guilt, driven by grief, and hooked on demonic drugs, Rob’s been using his job to track the cult and search for his wife. But when a rash of supernatural incidents reveals a coming apocalypse, Rob becomes trapped in a terrible prophecy, forced to transform from cleaner to monster killer. Partnered with a lust demon in lululemon leggings, hunted by vampire assassins, and on the verge of forever losing the woman he loves, Rob finds himself face to face with the sins of his past, the demons of his present, and a dark, dangerous future.

An episodic, hour-long horror show with a serialized spine, The Cleaners jolts a familiar genre with new life, dissolving clichés and conventions in an acid bath of caustic sarcasm. It’s surreal and spooky, dark and demented, delivering enough suspense, terror and black humor to blend spit takes with blood splatter.

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