RV Nation

There’s a new lifestyle trend that is driving homeowners around the world to trade in the dream of a single family house with a yard and pool for something with wheels and no fence in sight.
Forget the “tiny house”—millennials and young families don’t want any house at all. What they want is an RV!

Life as a nomad isn’t something you can do on a whim. Join Kristen and Siya as they travel across the country helping people find their perfect RV. From Class A’s to fifth-wheels, the options are endless—the two get them prepared for the extreme downsizing it takes to live not only in a tiny space but also on the road. Then, there’s the epic challenges that go with life on the road, starting with… how do you even drive that thing!?! What about the toilet, WiFi and hot water… what hot water? WiFi?

Our hosts are the husband and wife team, Kristen Sarah and Siya Zarrabi. Based in Toronto, they are both graduates of film school. Their YouTube channel, HOPSKOTCH THE GLOBE, began as a format to showcase their itinerate travel and voluntourism. Then they renovated a vintage Airstream and began vlogging about the adventures and challenges of life in an RV. Others looking to make the transition began seeking their advice. And just like that, our stars were born.

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