Kenny vs Spenny

| 87 X 30

Genre: Comedy

Format: S1-S6, 87 X 30

Co-production: between E1 and Breakthrough Entertainment

Distributed by: Entertainment One

Kenny vs Spenny is a provocative reality/comedy series in which two childhood friends battle each other in outrageous competitions. Season four delivers more extreme antics, more intense rivalries and more pain-staking dares from two of television’s craziest and dysfunctional roommates. The boys are back to their unusual tricks, stopping at nothing to humiliate, sabotage and one-up each other in their never-ending quest for juvenile supremacy.

Kenny, the wise-cracking ruthless schemer, and Spenny, who naively takes the high-road to glory – have managed to find all-new cruel and childish ways to outwit each other through idiotic challenges, often involving innocent bystanders, social outcasts, friends and relatives who grudgingly participate.

Watch Kenny and Spenny put themselves in foolishly awkward and embarrassing situations that are unthinkable to the rational person. Reality TV meets insanity TV in Kenny vs Spenny – the show that offers a surprisingly clever, comedic take on the age-old struggle of good versus evil.

Now airing on Showcase Television in Canada and on Comedy Central in the US.

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