Breakthrough Entertainment’s New Fright Film – ‘The Haunted House on Kirby Road’ Wins Best Horror Feature at the 2016 Toronto Independent Film Festival

5’7 Films Breaks the Horror Mold with Production of a “Teen-Scream” Crowd Pleaser

(Toronto, Canada) October 14, 2016 – Premiering and winning Best Horror Feature in front of a sold out crowd at the 2016 Toronto Independent Film Festival, The Haunted House on Kirby Road is leading the pack in a new and exciting genre of movie; “The Stoner Horror”. Executive produced and distributed by leading Canadian studio, Breakthrough Entertainment, and produced by 5’7 Films, the bloodcurdling and ghostly masterpiece leaves audiences reliving their worst nightmares.

Supernatural myths, more specifically haunted houses, captivate the minds of millions. Kirby Road is a legendary Toronto horror highway, which historically features tales of death, a haunted house, a ghost truck and apparitions of a girl commonly known as “Selina”. The film is based on true events and lore of Kirby Road that to this day is still discussed by seekers of the supernatural.

“Along with the incredibly talented cast & crew, we came together and created our vision of a unique category of film. We are grateful to Breakthrough Entertainment for giving us this opportunity to create such a haunting experience and look forward to continuing to contribute to this industry for years to come,” says 5’7 Films Co-founder and Producer, Adam Rodness.

The film revolves around six stoner teens who discover a viral video of a “real haunted house”. Realizing the house was in their local neighbourhood, the group set out on a classic haunted adventure. While trying to debunk the so called urban legend, the teens are also hoping for a little more action of their own. In other words, they thought they had the perfect plan; they were wrong.

5’7 Films Co-founder and Director, Stu Stone said, “Growing up such a huge fan of slasher movies, it was surreal to find out that my directorial debut would be a horror movie. When Adam and I wrote the script, we couldn’t have possibly imagined the level of dedication that the cast and crew showed and that the film would receive such accolades as the 2016 Toronto Independent Film Festival’s Best Horror Feature.”

Breakthrough Entertainment has become an elite incubator for filmmakers in the horror space and their partnership with 5’7 Films is another welcome addition to their continuing success in the genre. Working with Breakthrough Entertainment, 5’7 films was able to get incredibly creative with their vision. Knowing the importance of CGI + special effects in a horror film, 5’7 films went completely outside the box, creating all death scenes and “special effects” using practical magic, utilizing the same magic team who produced the show of iconic illusionist, Criss Angel.

“We are extremely happy to jump on board projects that allow talented independent Canadian producers to create entertaining premium content for horror fans here in Canada and abroad, while further growing our studio’s original formats, developing revolutionary ways to engage viewers and continue building a business that innovates, evolves and delivers content to thrill global audiences,” says Nat Abraham, Partner and President at Breakthrough Entertainment.

Past Screening Information:
Film debuted at – Toronto Independent Film Festival, Toronto, Canada – WINNER, Best Horror Feature

Upcoming Screenings:
Cineview Film Festival – Toronto, Canada – October 14th 10PM
Tucson Terror Fest – The Screening Room – Tucson, Arizona – October 14th 7PM

*The Haunted House on Kirby Road will be coming to iTunes for download-to-own on October 24th and to rent from October 24 to November 30th. Breakthrough Entertainment will soon be announcing broadcast and DVD release plans for this haunting tale.

About Breakthrough Entertainment: Breakthrough Entertainment Inc. is an award winning producer and distributor of premium content for worldwide audiences. The entertainment studio’s operations include the development and distribution of feature films, television and digital content; international co-productions and production services. Breakthrough’s digital media division ranks amongst the industry’s most respected producers of high quality interactive entertainment on mobile and online platforms. Established over 30 years ago, Breakthrough’s library now boasts over 40 feature films and 4000 television episodes which air on major networks and digital channels across the globe. The studio has been recognized with international awards including numerous Gemini Awards, Canadian Screen Awards, and Canadian Comedy Awards. Follow @breakthru_ent on Twitter.

About 5’7 Films : Stu Stone (Writer & Director) and Adam Rodness (Writer & Producer) both have history in the entertainment and horror industries. Stu Stone’s thirst for horror has been developing for years, having appeared in many films in the genre, most notably co-starring in the cult classic Donnie Darko. Stu’s voice on the other hand is one you’re sure to have heard at some point in your childhood, Stu appeared on many cartoons and even had a regular seat on the Magic Schoolbus as Ralphie. Adam Rodness has also been in the entertainment business for quite some time, with credits as an actor and producer in a wide variety of projects. Adam also co-stars in the Netflix hit series Hemlock Grove, which has nurtured his passion for the horror genre. Stu and Adam have been collaborating on projects for the better part of 10 years and are overjoyed with their current deal with Breakthrough Entertainment to make several films together. If you enjoyed The Haunted House on Kirby Road, 5’7 films have recently wrapped two new projects.

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